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fujie textile 大阪ショールーム
2016.07 / 大阪府 大阪
ショールーム / インテリアデザイン


fujie textile OSAKA showroom
2016.07 / Osaka, Osaka
SHOWROOM / Interior Design

This showroom mainly deal with curtains and coated cloth of a couch. There are four meeting rooms and two conference spaces, each of meeting room has different interior to present image of specific situation when they close the curtains. At the lighting space, they can confirm curtain's permeability and shade by artificial lights. Laboratory contains about 1000 kinds of fabric for concierge to draw out the fabric depend on every guest's taste. Each room has different functionality, and they are arranged side by side in parallel in this way. It makes continuously and become rhythmical space. The whole space was designed stylish by linearly, simple, high quality materials to stand out their fabrics.

fujie textile Osaka showroom
2016.07 / Osaka, Osaka
SHOWROOM / Interior Design

ADDRESS: 大阪府大阪市中央区南本町4-1-10ホンマチ山本ビル1F / Minami-honmachi, Chuoku, Osaka
TEL: 06-6120-3000